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Drive!Drive! isn't just another internet pop band. The alternative pop creation was first formed in the mind of Alex Johnson. Craving to create something new and powerful. Not only with music but with a brand and aesthetic that would catch everyone's attention. 


Alex searched for members that wanted to play music for the love of it. Being in Nashville, a city chock-full of professional musicians, it was incredibly difficult. After a year of searching, he finally found Gavin Hurlburt and Philip DeLuca. After their first practice, they knew it was meant to be something bigger than themselves.  


Before even releasing a song, they started developing a cult following with their personal engagement on social media. Their debut EP already over 2 million streams, it paved the way for them to tour the US from NYC to CA.


With heavy pop hooks, clean guitar riffs and retro synths that get people dancing at every show, they are a force to be reckoned with. 

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